Friday, October 30, 2009

All We Really Need Is Respect

Chat Box

Alexis Aquino: nh
Karisma Torres: nh
Edward Gouveia: Mohammad..your very good
Karisma Torres: dammmmm mohamed
Karisma Torres: your hot lol
Karisma Torres: lmao
Edward Gouveia: i know lol i was being sarcastic...
Edward Gouveia: lmao
Karisma Torres: lol
Randall Peak: mohammed looks like a terroist
Mohamed Saeed: lol
Mohamed Saeed: ty
Randall Peak: piss on allah
Alexis Aquino: try to respect others
Randall Peak: jew
O.m. Pahle van Sharif: I know nicer jews
Randall Peak: bin laden clones
Karisma Torres: Dont be a jerk
Karisma Torres: Randall
Randall Peak: ok mexican
Mohamed Saeed: no comment for ur asss hooole  randall
Karisma Torres: trailor trash
Karisma Torres: boy
Randall Peak: wetbacks
Karisma Torres: dont be mad cause my mexican house is bigger than your trailor
Randall Peak: go pick some fruit
Karisma Torres: if you havent noticed we are takin over here so id shut my mouth b4 you get jumped by all my cousins
Karisma Torres: lmao
Randall Peak: not scared of brown midgets
Karisma Torres: lol that was the best you could do lol
Mohamed Saeed: lool
Randall Peak: mexicans r so stupid....
Karisma Torres: you really suck at talkn crap white boy its actually cute
Karisma Torres: awwwww your so cute randall
Randall Peak: get a green card ya dumb kunt
Karisma Torres: haha i was born here and so were my parent and grandparents do your history stooooopit we've been here for a while
Randall Peak: pendejo
Randall Peak: chupa mi verga
Randall Peak: putita
Karisma Torres: awwwwwwww you wanna  be like us learning our language and everything
Karisma Torres: awwwww randalll wants to be mexican
Randall Peak: somebody has 2 boss your dumb asses around
Karisma Torres: sorry you cant be MEXICAN
Karisma Torres: were to cool for you
Mohamed Saeed: randail u look like wet  asss
Mohamed Saeed: hhhh
Randall Peak: mi mako tus lagana
Karisma Torres: he looks ugly is what he looks
Randall Peak: chinga la tu ya
Randall Peak: pinchi madre pendejos
Karisma Torres: awww your so cute come here trailor trash let me give you some money help you fix up your trailor more
Randall Peak: what u make like seven dollars pickin tomatoes?
Randall Peak: go back 2 mexico u latin scum
Karisma Torres: your so cute randall it must suck to be poor
Randall Peak: good one skank
Randall Peak: go wax those manly eyebrows ya hairy beast
Karisma Torres: your mom taught my mexican ass how to be a  skank lol
Randall Peak: sure...........
Randall Peak: tammy looks like a niggars
Randall Peak: go eat some foodstamps u aids havin big lipped beast
Karisma Torres: I reported you have a good day
Mohamed Saeed: same here
Mohamed Saeed: lol
Alexis Aquino: me too
Alexis Aquino: lol
Mohamed Saeed: go jod guys
Randall Peak: they cant stop me
Mohamed Saeed: lol
Mohamed Saeed: good
Randall Peak: ive been reported 1000000000 times
Alexis Aquino: ok
Randall Peak: white power
Alexis Aquino: we're more than the whites
Randall Peak: uhitler shouldve burned you all
Randall Peak: jews
Alexis Aquino: but he died
Keith Johnson: cause he liked little boys !!!!
Alexis Aquino: ^^

(Copied while playing poker)

I don't know why some people act as if they are superior than others. By race, by religion, or whatsoever. I really don't understand why other people want to show superiority above others. Is it for fame? Glory? But in the end, it's only them who benefit from it while the others are thrown into shame and doubt.

Whatever a person's religion is, others should respect him. Whatever race a person may come from, nobody cares, he's still a human like us who has his own will. We may be different according to race, color, culture, and religion but we should always remember that we are all just the same. Is there anyone who doesn't eat? Drink? Sleep? Well, if you do, then we're different at that point but you still have the mind to understand this as I do.

I don't know what happened next to that man but we've reported him already. I feel sorry for what he had done. I think he is a self-centered guy. If only he would look at the world in a larger scope I think he will have better understanding about other people.

As for the lady, I think it's also not good to fight him back because it only makes the issue bigger. Me? I don't know why he didn't tell me something sarcastic too as I answer him back. I guess I'm just lucky no to receive sarcastic words from him. We aren't the only people in the game at that time but others prefer to stay quiet. Somebody once told me that being quiet in a fight does not make you good because you're letting the oppresor hurt other people doing nothing but watch.

We have different cultures and lifestyles. Others may not understand us. We may also not understand them in their culture. As what a quote from Frank Barron says, "never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you”. All we really need is respect from other people.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do. By Joanna Fuchs
17 years ago nang parehong araw kahapon, may isinilang na sanggol na babae. Hindi ko alam kung natuwa ba ang magulang niya nung makita siya... Wala kasi ako doon nung pinanganak siya. Pinangalanan siyang Joanne Mariae. (Mariae as is marey.) Kung bakit ganoon ang pangalan niya? Ewan ko. Tingin ko wrong spelling lang yun. (Dakilang manghuhula.)
Syempre bata siya nun, malamang naglalaro siya, sumasayaw ng pamela wan, nagchinese garter, taguan, bahay-bahayan, taya-tayaan, habulan, nadapa, nasubsob, tumulo ang laway, lumobo ang sipon, pinagpawisan, blah blah blah. Lahat nang yan 'di ko sigurado. Hula lang kasi yan. Yung ibang sinabi ko kadiri, siguro naman 'di siya madungis dati.
Lumaki siya. (Syempre lumaki siya! Ano siya? Bansot?) Nauso sa kanya ang pag-aaral. Ayun, nagbunga naman. Graduate siya na may honor sa klase at tinitingala ng mga lalaki. (Rhyming yan. 'Di ko sure yung second part kung totoo. Hula again.)
Sa college life na niya ako papasok. (Yes! May parte na ako dito!) Nakita ko siya nung first day sa klase. Ayos! Isang babaeng bibong bibo sa mga teacher. Sa bawat tanong kailangan may sagot. Ang teacher ang nagtatanong, siya ang sumasagot. (Bastusing bata! Sumasagot!) Kumbaga sa aso, nagtapon si ma'am ng frisbee at siya naman ang nagfefetch. (Good dog!)
Syempre minsan may sad part din sa buhay niya. Nakipaglandian si boyfriend (Ouch!), nasabihan siyang malandi (Agh!), at naasar siya sa akin (Boom!). Okay naman siya ngayon. Minsan sa mga tawanan portion na kasama siya kahit 'di ako masyadong natatawa e napapahalakhak ako dahil sa tawa niya. (Be careful sa tawa syndrome.)
Natapos ang 1st sem. Birthday niya kahapon. Late akong nagpost nang request niya. Patay! So, ayan. Kwentong half barbero, half nakikibirthday. -Bow-

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Phone Message # 6 - Let Go

We can't gain if we don't let go..

For there is no love without tears..

There is no happiness..

Without sacrifices..

And there is no forever..

Without goodbyes..

Phone Message # 5- Push or Pull?

There are times we treat life like a mysterious door.

It doesn't open no matter how hard we push.

We never notice that a huge sign is posted there that reads,


Phone Message # 4 - Letter E

"E" is the most unfortunate letter in the alphabet.

It's always out of "cash",

Forever in "debt",

Neverout of "danger" and in "hell" all the time.

But notice that "E" is never in "war"

And always in "peace".

It's the beginning of "existence"

And the end of "trouble".

Without "E",

We would not have

"life", "love", and "heaven".

Phone Message # 3 - Learn and Grow

We may always look okay and smiling

But we also get tired.

Tired that sometimes,

We have to give up something.

It may be a sad decision,

But it's the only way to grow and continue smiling.

Phone Message # 2 - Share

Sweet words are easy to say.

Sweet things are easy to buy.

But sweet people are difficult to find.

Life ends when you stop dreaming.

Hope ends when you stop believing.

Love ends when you stop crying.

Friendship ends when you stop sharing.

So, share with whoever you consider a friend.

To love without condition...

To talk without intention..

To give without reason..

And to care without expectation..

Phone Message #1 - Coffee's Aroma

Coffee has evolved in years- with cream, iced coffee, coffee with chocolate chips or cookies.

But no matter how people try to innovate coffee varieties, it still doesn't lose its distinct aroma.

Just like us, no matter how we clothe ourselves with different personalities, still our character remains.

People may destroy your image and stain your personality but they can't take away your character.



Let your character diffuse its distinct aroma.. because no matter what, you are admired by people who really know you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Golden Rule

Do not do unto others what you would not want them to do unto you.

May natanggap akong message noong isang araw. 'Eto yung laman.

I saw these blogs on twitter from Koreans. I remember what one of the Koreans said "Have you heard the news? The monkey island Philippines is flooded. I hope the rain will never stop to drown those monkeys". All of them are laughing! Another retard Korean said "they will all die because monkeys can't swim!" then laughed.

Ayan. Galit ka na ba? Kung hindi, ok. Kung oo, calm down, wag kang magpanic. Una, 'di naman lahat ng forwarded message e totoo, madalas e trip lang tulad nung mga message na "pass this or you will have a kulugo on your pwet" at "send this to 15 people or else you will be a pig". Pangalawa, alam naman nating hindi totoo yan. Bakit? Unggoy ka ba? Hindi 'di ba? So, kalma lang muna. Inom ng tubig, tapos basahin mo ulit 'to. Isa pang dahilan, ('eto may kinalaman na sa golden rule) ang ibang pinoy, ganyan din naman ang ginagawa.

Experience Grip:

Noong high school ako, merong student sa lower section na iba ang lahi. 'Di siya "in" sa klase nila. Pinagtitripan lagi ng mga boys dahil nga sa lahi niya. Ang lahi niya e yung madalas nakikitang nakamotor tapos madaming pera at listahan. Mabait naman siya, yun nga lang, iba kasi ang kultura niya sa atin kaya sa ibang tao e weird siya. Pilipino siya, pilipino din yung nang-aapi. So ayan, magkababayan na 'di pa magkasundo. Paano pa kaya kung sa ibang bansa na? Walang pinagkaiba yan.

Lumalabas na pareho lang din ang ilang pinoy sa ilang koreano na naglagay ng mga bagay na yun (Kung totoo man yun) at wala tayong karapatan na magalit sa kanila.

Nga pala, may nakalagay pa sa dulo ng message:

Pass this message.
Send as many as you can.
Koreans in our country doesn't deserve our hospitality.

Sana naman e walang gumawa nito. Although koreano daw ang may pakana nito, iilan lang yun at hindi naman buong lahi nila ang dapat idamay. Napakawar freak naman ng nagsend nito. Let's learn to forgive and forget. (Kasi nga 'di naman siguradong may ganitong blog talaga.)

Okay, nasabi ko na ang gusto kong ibahagi sa inyo. All in all, 'wag atayong magpapaniwala sa mga message sa atin lalo na kung forwarded lang. Tingnan muna natin ang sarili natin bago tayo magcomment sa kung ano mang mga bagay na nangyayari. Lastly, don't do unto others what you would not want them to do unto you.

(Nakikisimpatya po ako sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo at namatayan.)

(Isa pa, happy birthday kay Judy!)