Saturday, February 20, 2010

Story Of A Creative Mind # 3

It was a hot afternoon and the sun was high. Everyone went home already after the event in the morning except Sally. She decided to go back because she forgot something in their room. She hasn’t eaten lunch yet because she was busy in organizing the event. She was walking in their room when suddenly, everything became dark.

Sally lives a normal life with her parents Mr. Roy and Mrs. Regina together with her brother Eric. She was a nice girl and everyone like her. She has an ever loving suitor that she doesn’t pay attention to because she wanted to study first. Her father likes Arthur because he always brought gifts for him. Mrs. Regina told her that she should decide on her own and do not listen to her father. She got irritated so she prayed for a sign. Once she faint, the first guy that she will see will be the right one for her.

One day, at school, Arthur sang to court Sally. He brought his friend Cyrus as his pianist. Sally’s friends were talking about them and they insisted that she should answer Arthur. She just ignored them. Later on, Arthur introduced his friend to her. He was a transferee. Cyrus was amazed that Arthur found a nice girl to court. In the class, Cyrus was introduced by Professor Luke. He fell asleep during the discussion because it was boring. He was scolded. Everybody laughed.

Arthur visited Sally as usual but this day he brought Cyrus with him. They entered and he introduced his friend. Sally was not interested and she just sat. She and Arthur talked while Cyrus was reading newspaper with her father while her mom and brother were busy. This happened over and over again.

Now, it was dark. She heard a strange tone from her phone and footsteps. It was already night and she was not yet at home. Her parents called Arthur and Cyrus to look for her. Cyrus found her in their room. She had fainted. Arthur asked him to call her parents while he took care of Sally. Cyrus said that he can’t reach them so they exchange places. Arthur called Sally’s parents and Cyrus held her when suddenly, Sally opened her eyes.