Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Soul's Journey (To You And For You)

Serendipity indeed!
When my soul meet yours.
When our roads converge.
When our lives intertwine.

Her soul is as pure as water.
Her's is as beautiful as the stars.
My soul is a scarred one.
Mine's masked like that in the Opera.

Oh dearest soul!
May you shine like the rays of the morning sun.
May your wishes come true like it was a command.
May you ever be beautiful as I always see you.

Our destination is the same but our roads aren't.
Yours is paved by perseverance and love.
Mine is a path taken because I was lost.
Two different paths taken for a single purpose.

I am afraid that this path of mine is taking its toll.
I am afraid that you'll be far away.
I am afraid that our journey together may end anytime soon.
I am afraid that my world is crashing down on me.

If I ever lose and if I ever leave your side,
Know that I did my best to continue.
Know that I did it for you.
And then look ahead and go forth.

There was only you in the beginning.
And because of you, there was me.
I shall always be at your side.
Like how one wished to become the wind for his dearest.

For you my dearest soul, I shall fight one last time.
Let me have you as my goal.
Let me hold your hand again,
Only if I win this long and tiring battle.