Saturday, December 20, 2014

With or Without You

I can see it clearly.
The two scenarios that i'll be into in the future.
I'm living far away from here.
It's somewhere overlooking the city.
I'm sitting there just looking at the city lights.
Remembering people and the past,
Listening to songs that calms my mood.
Surely, i'm happy and contented.
My dreams have become reality.

What I cannot see is whether you're with me or not.
Am I just waiting for you to arrive?
Are you just around the corner?
Or am I just reminiscing the past when i'm with you?
The past which is the present in reality.
Material things and desires, easily, I can tell you I have it.
Your heart? I cannot tell.
Did I win it? I do hope so.

First scenario, i'm with you.
Second scenario, i'm alone.
Either way, it's in the future.
Time to go back to the present.